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Dhairya Patel is a Visual Artist with a BFA and a Diploma in Digital Media with a Minor in Fine Arts Photography.

For the last 4 years Dhairya has been working at LA-based, Design-tech startup BRUD, now Dapper Collectives under Dapper Labs; Out of which for the last 3 years, he has been one of the CG Leads, and leading the Stills team in the producing of high-quality 3D Stills for one of the biggest Virtual influencer-pop star on the planet, Lil Miquela. Which have appeared on the covers of major fashion magazines, big brand partnerships, and publications.

Being in the start-up environment he's gotten the opportunity to be a contributor to a range of projects and pipelines. From being part of On set VFX Team, Music Videos, 3d visualizers, and Album Art, producing hundreds of high-quality stills to Leading the team of CG Generalists in producing thousands of high-quality stills to working in Web3 and NFTs.

You can read more about him HERE!

Reach me at:

  • Thou_shalt_art
  • Dhairya Patel_BE
  • Dhairya Patel
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